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Hard Floor Cleaning Plan Services San Diego

Hard Floor Cleaning Services

One of the services that is commonly requested by our San Diego clients is hard floor cleaning.

Hard floors are often preferred in business facilities because of their ability to stand up to the amount of traffic these types of locations typically see.

Hard flooring is also versatile, making it a great choice for a variety of areas within a typical business setting, without harboring allergens that can instigate chronic health conditions such as allergies and asthma.

That said, hard floors do require regular maintenance and cleaning, and Ally Cleaning Services is ready to provide that cleaning to your San Diego business.

Ally’s Hard Floor Maintenance & Cleaning Services

From stone to tile and hardwood to laminate, our number one goal is to preserve your hard floors so your business can maintain a warm and welcome environment.

At Ally, our expert staff is trained in hard floor care & cleaning, enabling us to keep your hard floors in top condition so they always look great and can withstand the test of time.

The way we achieve this goal is by using state-of-the-art equipment to clean your hard floors, while always following manufacturer recommendations based on the specific type of hard floor you’ve installed.

Hard Floor Sealing

Over time, the seal on hard floors can fade. Not only does this reduce the floor’s visual appeal, but it can also increase slip and falls.

That’s why Ally is proud to provide hard floor sealing. Using only the best sealers, this form of hard floor care can dramatically improve the look of your floors while also protecting you, your staff, and your clients from slip-related injuries.

We also seal brand new floors if your facility is in the building phase or currently expanding, enabling you to wow and protect your clients from the moment you open your doors.

Hard Floor Cleaning Services San Diego

Hard Floor Resurfacing

Another benefit of hard floors is that, unlike many other types of flooring, they can be resurfaced. This enables your business to always look great without having to replace the flooring every few years.

At Ally Cleaning Services, we offer our San Diego clients hard floor resurfacing services. Whether this involves applying epoxy or a stain and seal, our trusted and professional staff will soon have your old floor looking as good as new.

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